Born To Be Bad


directed by: Lowell Sherman


Cary Grant #16 of 74.  This movie was 62 minutes.  Amazing. At the hour mark it just ended and I was like, “no wait there’s got to be a mistake, it says ‘The End'”.  But it is what it is.  So Cary plays a, get this, President of a milk company that for some reason is driving a milk truck, sort of a Undercover Boss.  Maybe the producers were watching this movie and were like Eureka! a show idea!.  Or they thought it was a joke, like I did. But apparently everyone in the movie bought that explanation.  Well you know what happens when a suit drives a truck, you hit punk kids on rollerskates in the middle of the road.  So this punk kid is the son of a single mother whore, wait let’s be PC, a pro, played by Loretta Young.  Verry risque costuming in 1934.  But apparently they gutted like 45 minutes of this movie because the editing was horrible.  Cary would be walking towards a door, cut to him at the door, cut to the door closing. And they would just start fading out scenes when it was obvious that there were more lines. Loretta Young was super annoying, not only because her character was supposed to be but she was like …hmm.. Scarlett Johansson , someone I find more annoying than attractive.  So anyways Cary leaves his wife for Loretta Young for some reason, even though I thought his wife (played by Marion Burns) was hotter and smarter…and not a whore.  But Burns and Young had some interesting conversations and felt like they pegged pretty well the thought processes of someone who would leave his wife for a whore.

Underrated actors: Marion Burns as Grant’s wife, who gets thrown under the milk truck.  (See what I did there?)


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