Bundle of Joy


directed by: Norman Taurog

Debbie movie #17 of 37

While not quite as bad as Tammy, this movie was still real bad.  Hopelessly far-fetched.  So Tammy, I mean Polly is a department store clerk that outsells everyone (oversells is what the movie calls it) and thus is going to get fired.  Apparently, it’s a common practice for people in the 50’s to not be able to deny the charms of Debbie Reynolds (understandable) to buy stuff they don’t want and then return the stuff the next day, so they don’t have to say no to her and yet still come out even.  Eddie Fisher (her husband at the time) plays the son of the owner of the store.  Family name is Merlin.  She’s got the typical firecracker best friend (think Meg Ryan’s best friend in any Meg Ryan film), and the typical goofball coworker that’s always hitting on her or asking her out.  The movie writes itself up until this point.    So she’s bummed about being fired and is walking home and notices a baby on the steps outside this building (which happens to be an orphanage).  So they tell her to come inside and the confusion begins.  Basically from here out everyone (except the best friend and coworker) figures this is her kid, and she gets her job back after the orphanage people appeal to Eddie.  Eddie falls for her and then it’s assumed it’s his baby too.  So after a few hijinks, they live happily ever after , WITH THE BABY.   Now I’m not a woman, (not much of a man either), but there’s no way in hell I’m just boom taking care of a baby that’s not mine, that I haven’t adopted, when I’m a 24 year old.  But that’s not the point.  The point is, Eddie Fisher is an asshole.  Who dumps Debbie Reynolds for Elizabeth Taylor? This is the only thing that ran through my mind watching this.  What an idiot.  And a terrible actor. Worse than Frank Sinatra. I hope that’s on his grave. Here lies Eddie Fisher 1928-2010 “Worse than Frank Sinatra & an Asshole”

Sorry to tangent.  I just get worked up over Debbie. It’s an issue and I’m working on it.

Underrated Actor: Tommy Noonan as the coworker, Freddie


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