The Bachelor and The Bobby-Soxer


directed by: Irving Reis

Oscars: Best Original Screenplay – Sidney Sheldon

Well, we’ll start with the most recent movie I finished and work back from there.  Since there will be quite a few Cary Grant pictures, I’ll go by their numbering , and according to Wikipedia (where I’ll be getting all non-critical data from), the man made about 74 films.  74!    So B&B-S is # 52.  By comparison, Debbie Reynolds (the soon to be recognized other theme in my movie watching lately) hadn’t made a movie until 1948!

Alright on to the movie: I’ll try to keep these as simple as possible of synopsis, and then note a couple interesting things about the movie, some possible underrated acting, and then finally how I felt about it.   Cary plays an artist playboy type, possibly painting chicks just to sleep with them.  He has a go-to nightclub that he frequents and also frequently ends up in love-tiff struggles with the different girls at the club.  Anyways, one of these tiffs ends with him in court for fighting. The judgey-wudgey (played by Myrna Loy) lets him off with a warning.  After this, he gives a lecture at the local high school, where a 17-year old Shirley Temple (she’s actually 19 in real life) is in attendance.  She becames enamored instantly with him and sets off to interview him after the lecture.  After she visits his apartment late-night, it is assumed that he kidnapped her, and he winds back up in court.  After Loy gets some advice from her uncle (the City Psychiatrist (awesome job title, btw)), she tells the Asst. D.A. (who has a crush on her naturally) to let Cary and Shirley ride out the love infatuation Shirley has.  Basic hijinks ensue and the film ends (somehow) with Loy and Grant together (naturally) and Shirley after the Robert Pattinson look-alike star basketball player with the heart of gold.

This was the first adultish Shirley Temple film I’ve ever seen which was definitely odd, coupled with the fact that she was 24 years younger than Grant.  His comedy was a bit lackadaisical, and they seemed to rely a little to heavily on the ‘but wait if you would only listen for 2 seconds you would understand the situation and not overreact’.  All in all a watchable film, even though the plot was a bit far-fetched that Grant would settle down with the judge at the end.

Underrated actors: Johnny Sands as the Robert Pattinson look-alike star basketball player with the heart of gold.


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