Every Girl Should Be Married


directed by: Don Hartman

Cary Grant movie #55 of 74.    So Betsy Drake is in this one, who would go on to marry Grant a year after this came out.  You really can’t see it when watching this film, but you really couldn’t see it either in Bundle of Joy with Eddie Fisher + Debbie Reynolds, but that’s another post.  But coincidentally Drake also plays a department store girl in this picture. I’m beginning to think that before 1970, women only played department store girls, were funemployed, actresses/theater/dancers,  or lived on a farm.  It’s kind of surreal.  Anyways, Grant plays a doctor, rather a pediatrician, who catches the eye and claws of Drake from the get go.  Again he’s the bachelor type that needs convincing that he in fact needs to marry Drake.  Don’t worry it all works out in the end.  But I knew you weren’t worried about that.

This movie is kind of hilarious, aside from the career aspect, of the Facebook-esque information stalking that goes on.  She finds out his favorite meals, champagne, where he went to school, about his past relationships, his favorite reading material, reads his book, etc. just by talking to everyone he comes in contact with.  So she basically stalks him.  And he calls her on it really early on, so it’s kind of an innocent running joke the rest of the movie. Grant’s humor was respectable in this and he honestly, I thought, did much better than Drake.   The end scene was the best part of the movie, as the rest is just pining for the most part.  Another random thought I had while watching was that if it was recast, you could put the starring cast of Pushing Daisies into it and it would work.  Ned as Cary Grant, Chuck as Betsy Drake, and Olive as Betsy Drake’s best friend.  They all look and act eerily similar.  Madison Brown (Grant)’s favorite soup is Turtle Soup, which I had to look up, and it does in fact contain Turtles, and also is the real life favorite meal of former President William Howard Taft.  Oh, final note, Betsy Drake uses “fetching” to describe what she’s wearing.  So there, Tina Fey.

Underrated Actors: Franchot Tone as Roger Sanford, Drake’s boss and Love-Triangle addition to get Cary jealous. Great voice and dude was married to Joan Crawford.


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