It Started With A Kiss


directed by: George Marshall

Debbie movie #22 of 37.  Woof, this one was hard to watch.

So in the first 10 minutes or so of the movie, it’s established that Debbie is a single dancer, so again, no new careers to mention.  She gets a gig selling raffle tickets for a car at a fancy ball with millionaire types, just the type she’s got her heart set on.  But enter Glenn Ford as an Air Force Sergeant. Ughhh, I don’t even want to write about this movie anymore.  Ford is awful, Ford with Debbie is awful, Ford is 43 at this point in his life and Debbie is 27. So it just …doesn’t work.  So after he woos her for a day, kisses her, she falls for him, Cut to clothes on the bedroom floor (If anything this movie was risque in its imagery/symbolism and Ford actually says “sex”) and she’s already got a ring on (Which was kind of a gag, because it almost showed the aftermath of premarital sex…If only they had, to save her from having to marry the guy in the movie).  Anyways, he gets shipped out to Spain, which apparently needed the US Air Force to have a heavy presence in 1959.  You know, because it’s close to …..  Africa.  Shifty Moroccans.  Note that no actual flying or anything at all related to battles, wars, guns, or planes happens in this movie.   Okay, so She follows him out, and then literally the rest of the movie is about a car.  A CAR.   It was basically the third star of the movie.  To be fair,  it just so happens it’s the car that would eventually become the Batmobile in the 60’s Batman TV Show, but still, no one gives two cents about an Air Force Sergeant with a car problem in Spain.  That would be like if in Goldfinger as soon as the Aston Martin shows up, Bond and Pussy Galore spend the rest of the movie driving around and/or admiring it and courting offers for it in Mexico City.  Ridiculous.

There was also a matador dude and Eva Gabor (who almost got an Underrated Actor nod, but she was a pointless character).  The script was just awful.  Best part of the movie was Debbie’s last dress, which was a turquoise number.  She looked decent enough when I bothered to look up from reading a book about Albrecht Durer.  Yep, so bored with this one that I was perusing a book about a German Renaissance artist.

Underrated Actors: No one.   Not  a single one.


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