Mary, Mary


directed by: Mervyn LeRoy

First off, sorry about the lack of updates lately.  Lot on my plate (got a job offer!).  Also, expect some better movie posts coming up.

Debbie film #29 of 37.  Had a hell of a time finding a picture.  Apparently if you google image search “Mary, Mary”, a lot of…non-Debbie Reynolds results come up.  Also, there isn’t even a dedicated Wikipedia page for the film.  Also, this film took me about 10-12+ sittings to get through.  Here’s why.

Mary, Mary is based on a play.  In fact, one could argue it is a play.  The entire movie (give or take a couple cutscenes) takes place inside the living room of an apartment. THE ENTIRE MOVIE.  The acting is play-acting.  The dialogue is play-dialogue. The plot is a play-plot.  It stunk.  Bad.  Might as well get my normal Debbie gripes out of the way as well.  Debbie plays Mary (She’s 31 at the time).  Barry Nelson (the ex-husband) is 46 (he was awful).  She has a brief (very brief) fling (very brief) with a 54 year old (the guy from The Day the Earth Stood Still…you know that guy).  Golly.  Couldn’t find a movie with someone in their mid 30’s to play alongside Debbie? … It’s starting to make me miss the days of I Love Melvin even…  Her hair is also getting poofier and shorter, very 60’s, it’s not the greatest.

So the plot is pretty bland.  Divorced couple.  Guy is about to remarry.  She has brief jealousy-inducing moment with new man. He realizes he still loves the ex-wife.

Sooo, what else? … Oh he makes a Ginger Rogers / Kitty Foyle reference, and I almost lept out of my seat.  So excited for an arcane movie reference within an even more arcane movie!! I can tell NO one I know.

Underrated Actors: Diane McBain as the ‘about to remarry’ new fiance.  Hiram Sherman as the lawyer.


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