The Philadelphia Story


directed by: George Cukor

Oscars: Best Actor – Jimmy Stewart; Best Adapted Screenplay


So this is the triumphant return to the blog! Huzzah!  Welp, I watched this movie more than a couple months ago, (last edit on this post was September 23 2011).  So here goes what I can remember.

Cary Grant movie # 39 of 74 .  He’s in his wheelhouse.  Now The Philadelphia Story is a movie which most (if not all) movie buffs have seen, and mostly everyone over 40 has as well and everyone remembers fondly.  But at least for me, it’s one of those movies where if someone asks you what it’s about, you kind of blank.  Like what exactly is The Philadelphia Story about?  Why is it so great? Hmm, I forget, I’ll watch it again.  And after every rewatching you fall in love with the movie again and like most people, completely forget about the premise , the plot, the lines, the jokes, everything, so that it’s as fresh as the first time you watched it.

Now that I’ve been dodging actually talking about it (intended), let’s dive in.  Grant plays a rich bachelor , C.K. Dexter Haven, (it sublimely rolls off the tongue), who returns to his house on the weekend his ex-wife (Hepburn) is getting remarried.   The first scene (either before or after or during the opening credits) has Grant literally stiff arming Hepburn to the ground.  Like picture a modern NFL highlight reel with … uh …. Barry Sanders just stiff arming a GB linebacker.  Now imagine that happening to a woman … .in a movie.  Awesome.  Anyways, now the curmudgeon kind of blah new fiance , George ( ” Hullo George ” , a priceless line)  doesn’t really play a huge role and gets shafted at the end.  But this isn’t about him, it’s about Kat Hepburn and Grant…and Jimmy Stewart.  Now Jimmy plays Mike , (ugh, I can hear Hepburn saying ‘Mike’ in her awful accent) (not much of a Kat Hepburn fan) (whatever)  a news reporter there to spy and write a gossipy tabloid esque article on the wedding.  Grant invites him and  a lady photographer who’s also interested in Mike.   Hijinks ensue.  Great script.  Great acting.  A classic.

Underrated actors:   Roland Young as Uncle Willie and Virginia Weidler as Dinah  ,  Kat Hepburn’s teenage sister


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