Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House


directed by: H.C. Potter

Cary Grant movie #54 of 74  .  This is the 2nd movie with Grant & Myrna Loy that I’ve reviewed, the other one being  The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer I think.  The one with Shirley Temple.  Adultish Shirley Temple.  Anyways, apparently the critics and the studios liked these two together, but Grant, like myself, didn’t really care for her.  So this is one pretentious film, if it were filmed today.  I’m sure back in the late 40’s, every Tom, Dick, and Harry were dreaming about moving to and building a house in Connecticut.

So the movie plays out like a G-rated Mad Men.  Grant plays a Manhattan Ad-Man, with Myrna, his loving wife, and 2 girls.  Melvyn Douglas, (pass), plays the best friend / ex-boyfriend of Myrna (think scandalous adultery!, then disregard scandalous adultery!).  Now Grant and Myrna basically just buy an old house in the boonies in Connecticut (Lansdale or something), knock it down, and build an extravagant (in the American dream 40’s middle-class Midwest persona) home.  Hijinks ensue. There are some great overtone/narration parts that play out like they’re mocking 50’s TV (which obviously doesn’t exist yet). Nothing too subversive though. And they live happily ever after.

Underrated Actors:   Reginald Denny as the Architect.  Man has a great proper British accent.  And he’s an architect. Can’t go wrong.


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