Foreign Correspondent


directed by: Alfred Hitchcock

Are we developing a theme for Hitchcock movies? Nah, but what of it? : ) Anyways, this is the other 1941 Hitchcock film, mentioned in the Rebecca post.  I think.  And if the picture shows up big enough, then you can see that George Sanders is in it. Yay! George Sanders! He’s a good man.

This film is basically a propaganda film for the west.  To keep your chin up about the war.  And to introduce…err.. keep up to date  American audiences to the war.   Joel McCrea stars as the titular foreign correspondent, though I didn’t really care for him.   Laraine Day though was a super babe.  Mrs. Brooklyn Dodgers.  or Mrs.  New York Giants. … no it was Mrs. Brooklyn Dodgers.  She was married to the manager of the team.  And now I’m going to go look this up and make sure I’m right about that.   A rare baseball – Hollywood crossover.  And it was New York Giants.   Okay anyways.

Plot wise, it’s pretty solid for the first Act and a half.  Some mistaken identity, body doubles, vague morality, villians masked as heroes, heroes masked as villians.  Overall, some textbook action, mystery, and suspense stuff.  Then, there’s  the Plane Crash.  Totally out of left field, and totally worth seeing it just for this.  I mean, it’s obvious it’s on a set , but it’s still totally cool how they film it and destroy/flood the plane.

A solid Hitchcock film, Sanders is exemplary.  Laraine Day is a fox, and Nazis are bad.

Underrated Actors: Obviously the two aforementioned.


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