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Beaver Falls – Episode 6 Recap!

Gather round the picture tube, grab some snacks, and get ready for the Series 1 finale of Bachelor Pad..errm.. Beaver Falls.  Some predictions: Barry finally ends up kissing Kimberly; A-Rab finds out about Flynn and Rachael , but takes her back anyways; and nothing happens with Bobby, Pam, Jake, the nerds, the jocks, or Lily or the HBB’s. (see last post about Beaver Falls if none of this is making sense to you).  All these are pretty safe bets, the only stretch being the Barry/Kimberly hookup (which would lean the show either towards the realistic-ish Inbetweeners or the fantasyland Skins realms).  So lets make an outlandish prediction shall we?  Mine is that Lily and Barry hook up.  A man can dream.  Let’s watch the show.


Pre-title sequence starts off with BFA at the titular Beaver Falls, and they all get naked and jump into the lake at the bottom of the falls.  Nice NON-HOMOEROTIC-INANYWAY way to start the last episode.

Apparently there’s a prom tonight.  Go figure.  Rachael is back with a boot/cast/crutches for her foot.  Gotta wonder why the producers decided to gimp her for this.  … Great scene with Kimberly in a swimsuit and Barry attempting to swim.  He gets out of the water, dressed in a full tuxedo and very (almost American romantic comedy-esque) nicely asks her to the prom.  She turns him down.  Brilliant.

Nerdjock getting hazed by the jocks.  They give him what is assumed to be Viagra (I like how the show assumes you know what pill it is.  Those Brits love their pills) to give to Barry as retribution for him hitting on Kimberly.  Lily! threatens Rachael that she knows about her and Flynn, and insinuates that she might tell A-Rab.  Ahh such a bitch, I love her.  Flynn and Barry have a heart-to-heart.  A-Rab tries to get Rachael to come with him and drive her back to Wyoming? because he’s done a lot of thinking “while you were in hospital”.   The nerds are getting ready for prom and A-Rab takes the bullet for Barry by (unknowingly) swallowing his Viagra-laced beer.

And now, Barry is wearing an astronaut suit for the prom …for some reason. At the prom, Nerdjock gets props for Barry looking the fool and A-Rab getting a boner.  Jake’s with a new blonde.   Kimberly and Pam have a heart-to-heart.  Jake takes Barry outside is ready to kick his ass, but Kimberly comes out and saves him and takes him as a date (he’s still in the astronaut outfit).  Bobby and Pam have a heart-to-heart.  Nerdjock apologizes to A-Rab for causing his boner.   The Nerds (minus Nerdjock…no wait he joins them) do a dance routine to Jump Around.  For some reason.

Boom, Kimberly starts making out with Barry (still in the astronaut outfit).  Fat Dandy proposes the Nerds go back into the Limo and drink the finest Peach Schnapps as a celebration (for dancing to Jump Around?…yep that’s a Schnapps celebration).  Nerdjock gets a blonde to talk to him and wants to dance with him.  (1/2 way through now, who knew this episode was going to be about Nerdjock? Huh, Go figure.  I guess those of you who predicted win a prize).

Rachael tells A-Rab about Flynn.  Bohring.  Cut to the limo-nerds are drinking schnapps and they lock themselves in.  Cut to Barry and Kimberly getting naked and hooking up.  Cut to A-Rab being super pissed with a crippled Rachael chasing him.  Cut to Flynn standing over the top of Beaver Falls (He’s not going to jump, is he?) Cut to Barry and Kimberly … you know.  A-Rab bursts in.  They go to rescue Flynn.  (We’ve still got 15 minutes left.)

BFA cliff scene (Barry wearing astronaut suit again) … snore…. (“I was chuffed that you wanted to be my mates” , Ah enter a new word into the lexicon) blah blah blah, Flynn gets down, A-Rab punches him.  … Next day, (Barry still wearing astronaut suit).  They rescue the Nerds from the limo.  Cut to field and OH MAN the hot chick from Episode 3 or 4 is back! and talking to Kimberly.  Bobby makes a driveling speech about America and Camp.  The Campers leave.  (no mention of Lily…sigh).  Flynn and Rachael say goodbye.  Barry and Kimberly laugh off the previous night. Eh, I wasn’t a fan of this decision for it to be a haha 1-off drunk moment, but that’s the breaks.  Meanwhile, A-Rab and Rachael are having their heart-to heart and say goodbye.  British or Hollywood ending?  is the running joke.  Turns out Barry could swim all along.  BFA drive off. Cut to … Bobby and Pam?! They end the show? …. No wait, cut to the guys driving, they make a couple sex jokes, and drive off into the distance.  Very British ending.

Beaver Falls.


Beaver Falls (recap & Episode 5)

Left to Right (bottom row to top row): Kimberly, Barry, Jake, Flynn, A-Rab, Rachael, Bobby & Pam

A bit of a detour and change-up.   I thought I’d do a weekly post (well this week and next week) on a show which warrants such a thing, Beaver Falls.  Now, many if not most of you probably have never seen, let alone heard of this show.  That’s because it airs on the channel that brought us such fine teen dramas as Skins & The Inbetweeners, E4.  Now this means, that yep, I’m finding other avenues besides television to watch it because it currently only airs in Britain.  So let’s start with a recap of the first 4 eps, and then a recap/review of the 5th.  The 6th and final episode of the series will be followed by a review that will come sometime next week.  Hopefully it gets renewed, but as it stands The Inbetweeners draws like 10 times the viewers of this, and Skins (even the last series) draws like 4 or 5 times.  So we’ll see.

Beaver Falls centers around 3 British teenage males and takes place at an American Summer Camp for rich kids in California.  Hijinks ensue.

Main Characters/Groups:

Barry  is the prototypical geek/virgin.  Curly-haired, pale, lanky,wry sense of humor.

Flynn is the prototypical suave casanova party dude.  He’s scottish, dark, and handsome.

Adil (aka A-Rab, as in the character from West Side Story… no really everyone calls him A-Rab) is the prototypical misunderstood lovesick … Indian/ Arab.  He’s emotional, compassionate, and also into sports.  This is also a stock character on other British dramas.  Oh, and he sleepwalks for some reason.

Rachael is the hot prudish, Christian, virgin camp guidance counselor (a made up job, but whatever).

Kimberly is the hot blonde with the blonde jock boyfriend (Jake) but with the heart of gold; she teaches swimming (though doesn’t have campers of her own ? no wait, yeah she probably does).

The Nerds – Barry,Flynn, and A-Rab (herein BFA) are counselors of these kids.  They are fat/short , Heavyweights-esque campers (Imagine an exact ripoff of that movie).  There’s the Gary Coleman -look alike, the tall fat football guy that wants to be accepted by the jocks (we’ll call him Nerdjock), the crybaby who loves A-Rab (we’ll call him Maria, keeping w/ the West Side Story references), the effeminate fat curly haired intellectual that wears stuff from the 40’s (we’ll call him the Fat Dandy) , and the blonde one that chronically masturbates who goes by Jizz (seriously, this is what Britain thinks about American kids).

The Jocks – Jake and other jocks are counselors for the jocks.  Imagine the Football players in Revenge of the Nerds , but in high school.  Better yet, imagine high school if you weren’t on the football team.

Bobby & Pam – The leaders of the camp.  Estranged.  Bobby is a hot-headed former jock and Pam is a MILF-esque character (also very popular on E4 shows).

Lily – Part of The Hot Bitch Brunettes (herein … probably Lily or HBB); she runs the hot girl campers clique, though not friends with Kimberly.

Other characters will be described if necessary in relation to these characters.

So here’s a basic recap of the first 4:

BFA arrive at the summer camp having lied and said they went to Oxford University, when in fact they had only gone to Oxford Brookes (imagine mixing up say, Stanford and Stamford).  Barry immediately goes after Kimberly, who rejects his advances but they get to know each other by her giving him swimming lessons and him giving her weed.  Naturally, this causes him to butt heads with Jake, and they spend all their time trying to be the bigger man.  Before they got to camp, A-Rab asked this Indian chick to marry him at Prom and she ran out on him.  So he’s heartbroken.  He soon kindles a friendship/puppydog relationship with Rachael.  Flynn starts sleeping around with is assumed to be chick campers and counselors and also, naturally, Pam.  It also turns out that he has ALS.  For some reason.  So this is his emotional likability.  He only tells this to Rachael, who gives up her notion that he’s a disgusting pig, (though he still is), and A-Rab gets pissed when he sees them hugging it out. The Nerds have various run-ins with the Jocks, with always comical results.  In half of these encounters, one of the good guys (BFA , Rachael, Kimberly) shows up just in time to break it up, and in the others, the Nerds end up with metaphorical wedgies.  Let’s see, there’s a Parents Day episode where the Fat Dandy sees his idiot PGA tour golfer Dad, and they end up making amends after butting heads the entire episode.  Gary Coleman thinks he’s a ladies man, but turns out he’s just Gary Coleman and everyone laughs at him.  Um, also a common device is to start the show with talking about something that just happened, without actually showing the event.  Lets see, oh yeah, A-Rab’s chick ends up coming all the way from England to try and get back together with him, and this ruins things with him and Rachael, so R&A decide to just be friends.  Meanwhile, A-Rab and this chick hook up, and he sends her back to England alone.  Rachael upon catching them post-hookup, gets drunk and hooks up with Flynn.  Oh that’s right forgot Lily, maybe because she’s not in the show much, but should be in every scene.  Sort of like Skins series 3 with Effy.  Lily, along with the rest of the HBBs are assumed the female counterparts of the Jocks, but end up doing favors for the Nerds and it is assumed that Lily is hooking up Flynn periodically. Though this is never actually shown, and they might not be…Basically I imagine they aren’t.  There was this 1 HBB on the 3rd or 4th episode who was smoking hot (I realize she is probably in that 17-19 age range with the rest of them, but eh, it’s a show).  And that basically catches us up.

Episode 5

The episode starts off with everyone feeling guilty.  A-Rab, for having hooked up with the Indian chick from back home and now being just friends with Rachael.  Rachael for hooking up with Flynn (she calls home and says she’s leaving tonight (Jizz overhears this)).  Flynn for hooking up with Rachael.  Barry … well, being Barry.  So there’s an encounter with Jocks/Nerds and the Nerds are buried up to their necks.  Kimberly catches this, argues with Jake, and breaks up with him.  (Barry’s Turn?!)  Bobby FINALLY catches Flynn with his wife, and as retribution drives BFA & the Nerds out into the woods alone to walk back to camp.  Though since BFA have been on a short leash the entire show, he should have just fired Flynn?… Ah TV.  Bobby & Jake have a heart-to-heart, naturally talking about each of their respective birds.  Rachael and Kimberly have a heart-to-heart, but is interrupted when she finds out Jake is giving out pictures of her from when she was 13 and ugly.  Meanwhile back in the woods, it turns out BFA & the Nerds forgot to take food w/ them and Bobby gave them a messed up compass.  Uh oh, half a day w/o food? I hope this turns into them eating each other.  Get rid of Jizz, he never talks anyways.   (3 min later)  Jizz just talked for the first time and told A-Rab that Rachael is leaving tonight.  Now, Jizz and Flynn are having a heart-to-heart….and he’s acting as a Omniscient guide.  Wild. Bobby, feeling guilty, and Jake, feeling guilty, go out and try to find the Nerds, who all (minus A-Rab) have conveniently fallen into a gulch.  A-Rab continues on to try and see/stop Rachael.  Now being nighttime, Bobby and Jake have another heart-to-heart but their battery dies and are now stranded as well.  A-Rab, as it turns out has not abandoned them, but found a way down into the gulch, and Maria is ecstatic and rallies the troops to continue on.  Cue “Chariots of Fire” montage.  Rachael is saying goodbye to Kimberly as a taxi waits, but the boys show up at the last second and A-Rab & Flynn convince her to stay.  Flynn, because he really does have feelings for her and it wasn’t a one-night stand for him, and A-Rab because …he’s a sucker. She chooses to stay and choo-choo-chooses A-Rab. Oh and the taxi is a Robo-Cop era Ford Taurus.  Okay how do I explain this, back at the cabin, A-Rab and Rachael start to make out and Maria and Nerdjock are trying to play cricket with a watermelon.  Naturally, Maria misses the watermelon and it hits Rachael in the face, causing her to fall off a stair and ..break? her ankle.  So she gets carted off in an ambulance and A-Rab accompanies.  As its driving off, Jizz (seriously the guy hasn’t had a line the entire series until this episode) and Flynn are having a heart-to-heart and then Kimberly and Flynn have a heart-to-heart and FINALLY LILY SHOWS UP , and overhears their heart-to-heart.

Beaver Falls.  See you next week.