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The Mating Game


directed by: George Marshall


Debbie movie #20 of 37.   As the title suggests, this movie is entirely about a farmer owing back taxes to the IRS. The IRS agent, played by Tony Randall, eventually falls for the farmers daughter, Mariette, played by you guessed it, Debbie Reynolds.  The farmer, played by Paul Douglas, is a tradesman or a barterer or a haggler or Eric Idle in Life of Brian aside from the fact that he never deals with money or fills out tax returns, yet has 5 kids.   Ah to live on a farm in 1959 in Maryland. Anyways, actually….  that’s about the extent of the plot.  It’s decent for fans of Tony Randall, who by this time was a TV star.  He seems better suited to play a straight-man, busybody, fussbot on TV anyways.  Sooo let’s talk about Debbie.

Great costumes/dresses in this one for her.  She looked great and although she again played a Tammy-like character (see post on Tammy & the Bachelor), I thought she was a bit more of her quirky, Debbie Reynolds -self in this and less forced of a pretend farm/rural girl.  That being said, I hope she doesn’t do  any more of these films (I realize the anachronism of this sentiment).

Underrated Actors: Paul Douglas as the farmer, in his final role before he died of a heart attack at 52.